June 18, 2011

bedtime? i think not.

Why is my sleep schedule so messed up. im literally nocturnal.
its 2 15 am, i just got off work 30 minutes ago. closing on friday is awesome... NAT. oh well

see... WIDE AWAKE.
ps- you should all seriously invest in this sweater from Aritzia. It looks like a mexican poncho. Literally the most cozy/comfortable thing you will own. I don't take it off. ever.

June 8, 2011


in the midst of dealing with this fluctuating sickness i have made this list of things i have to look forward to...
-phoenix july 15th with the whole fam
-clinical in september :) injections, catheterizations, dressing changes, iv and oxygen tubing... the whole shaaaabang. can't wait. new scrubs shopping anyone?
-finally getting around to wallpapering my room and sewing a new duvet
-although i do resent working and having opposite hours as my friends this summer i do quite enjoy having an income and saving money. europe really did me in.

now just to get healthy again... sore throat GO AWAY gahhh

oh PS. love this song

and love death cabs new album <3

June 1, 2011

i want that ring...

summer nights and chinese birthday fun

Charlottes 20th birthday! Consisted of dinner at pearl river and the comedy strip.
Such a nice night

May 21, 2011



okay so i have strep throat. and i am officially running out of things to do.
it doesn't help that my friends are in calgary hiking and living it up in the hot springs either :(
so i need to devise a list. A list of things to do this weekend besides the obvious nap, watch movies, and drink tea.
sooo... lets see....
-watch season 1 of the O.C
-finish my book
-write letters
-update my blog (check)
-download music
... yep thats about it. greeeeeeeaaaat

hope everyone is having a great may long weekend!


Choose your love, Love your choice.

May 12, 2011

currently on repeat

how can you not love this song?

May 8, 2011

craft sale finds

I went to the craft sale at the butterdome this weekend with my mom!
here are the purchases i made <3

-Handmade belt made from scrap leather from old couches and a silk flower-

-Ring made from a old collectors teaspoon-

-New dress and handmade headband-

April 28, 2011

soundtrack to my life


Purity Ring - Lofticries
Birdy - Skinny Love
Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
Beach House - Norway
Phanotogram - When I'm Small
Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer
Mount Moriah - Lament
Sunday Girl - Four Floors (Diplo Remix)

April 13, 2011


How much do i miss this!!!!! ahhh take me back


April 6, 2011

please don't be in love with someone else; please don't have somebody waiting on you.

Highlights of Utah
-temple square
-warm weather
-lakers game
-BYU campus
-conference; E. Scotts talk <3

I love this song

March 28, 2011


love this look. and her

love emails. and the rec center. and free massages.
and i love the fact that i passed all of my exams weeooo
utah on thursday!

March 21, 2011

feel good

my recent playlist <3

Warwick Avenue- Duffy
Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People
You're Not Sorry- Taylor Swift
Dead Hearts- Stars
Love Lost- Temper Trap
Head Full of Doubt Road Full of Promise- Avett Brothers
Save Me- Nicki Manaj

March 20, 2011


Sometimes i just wish i lived here.......

just think


ok update!
school is the hardest thing ever right now. i just can't wait for it to be done. then utah then vegassss and hawaii!!! can't even wait
im getting my hair done next week.. ombre here i come. and im looking into moving out in the next couple months :) im applying next week to a couple restaurants for the summer since i decided against the spring course
anyways i just cant wait for this semester to finally be over
right now im just studying but failing at it.. i deleted all the music off my ipod the other day. now im really regretting it.. hmmm

love me

March 9, 2011


so since i can't ever sleep i decided to at least make use of my time some how and not just lay in the dark staring at the ceiling for hours...

highlights: went to brewsters with alana and chi tonight <3
my new nike frees! they are black and hot pink. finally got to use my 100 dollar sport check gift card from 2 years ago...
the extension i got on my essay :)
rediscovering my old music. love mozella, especially the songs Can't stop and light years away.

love me

February 25, 2011

new motto:

February 24, 2011

i LOVE my friends

happy late valentines!

hot pink roses from my dad :)

February 23, 2011

what i've been up to

So since my laptop broke I haven't been able to post lately, but a couple days ago I treated myself to a macbook pro! life is complete

Love the new M.A.C superwomen makeup. The gloss is my favourite, too cute!

In an attempt to stay extra busy these next couple weeks I made a trip today to chapters where I picked up these two reads. Already half way through "Arranged" and I just cant put it down.

January 26, 2011

K's tattoo

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.


January 25, 2011


Live your truth.

Mine is yours.

January 12, 2011

classes & cookies

Its pretty much all I have been doing lately...

Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares... yum

Happy baking and studying all...
love me