July 28, 2012

my name is jenni and im an addict.

gotta love late night diet coke cravings

New Obsession

I am obsessed with chunky necklaces lately. Especially in bright & summery colors like coral, yellow, turquoise & green. SO cute. Gotta get me one of these.



This ones my favourite... by Jcrew


OK wow. over a year since my last post. craaazzzy
where to even begin... I got married! Here is a pic to prove it!

My life has changed so dramatically over the last few months. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing better than being married to your best friend. He is so good to me... I am SO lucky!
After the wedding we went to... CUBA...

And then...we moved to Regina. I decided this blog could use a revamp. And what better way for me to burn time until Husband comes home from work at 10... plus my family and friends probably wouldn't mind knowing about all of the CRAZY things Regina has to offer me.

love me