May 21, 2011



okay so i have strep throat. and i am officially running out of things to do.
it doesn't help that my friends are in calgary hiking and living it up in the hot springs either :(
so i need to devise a list. A list of things to do this weekend besides the obvious nap, watch movies, and drink tea.
sooo... lets see....
-watch season 1 of the O.C
-finish my book
-write letters
-update my blog (check)
-download music
... yep thats about it. greeeeeeeaaaat

hope everyone is having a great may long weekend!


Choose your love, Love your choice.

May 12, 2011

currently on repeat

how can you not love this song?

May 8, 2011

craft sale finds

I went to the craft sale at the butterdome this weekend with my mom!
here are the purchases i made <3

-Handmade belt made from scrap leather from old couches and a silk flower-

-Ring made from a old collectors teaspoon-

-New dress and handmade headband-