March 28, 2011


love this look. and her

love emails. and the rec center. and free massages.
and i love the fact that i passed all of my exams weeooo
utah on thursday!

March 21, 2011

feel good

my recent playlist <3

Warwick Avenue- Duffy
Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People
You're Not Sorry- Taylor Swift
Dead Hearts- Stars
Love Lost- Temper Trap
Head Full of Doubt Road Full of Promise- Avett Brothers
Save Me- Nicki Manaj

March 20, 2011


Sometimes i just wish i lived here.......

just think


ok update!
school is the hardest thing ever right now. i just can't wait for it to be done. then utah then vegassss and hawaii!!! can't even wait
im getting my hair done next week.. ombre here i come. and im looking into moving out in the next couple months :) im applying next week to a couple restaurants for the summer since i decided against the spring course
anyways i just cant wait for this semester to finally be over
right now im just studying but failing at it.. i deleted all the music off my ipod the other day. now im really regretting it.. hmmm

love me

March 9, 2011


so since i can't ever sleep i decided to at least make use of my time some how and not just lay in the dark staring at the ceiling for hours...

highlights: went to brewsters with alana and chi tonight <3
my new nike frees! they are black and hot pink. finally got to use my 100 dollar sport check gift card from 2 years ago...
the extension i got on my essay :)
rediscovering my old music. love mozella, especially the songs Can't stop and light years away.

love me