November 2, 2010


Loved making candy apples with the girls. Very messy but so worth it! delicious!

Love them!

Halloween was alot of fun!
On saturday night, alana and I decided to lay low and study. In the effort of being good students and missing out on halloween fun we decided to trek all the way to the U of A. I guess we figured it would be a better study environment. When we get there we discover all buildings are closed except for the basement in cameron library which is over 100 degrees and there wasnt one SINGLE desk. Finally we find a really uncomfortable table in some cafeteria in CAB with no plug ins may i add. It was SOOO grosse how can people focus in such a dirty surrounding?... happy we peaced out before the mice made an appearance...
ANWYAYS we ended up back at alanas and has a solid sesh, char and alex came over= fun!

My haunted house pumpkin!
After that we decorated my house and handed out candy to all of the kiddies. SUCH cute costumes. can you believe we ran out of candy at 6 pm.. We must have has at least 250 trick or treaters. No lie. T town is where the kids be at.
Later we watched a zombie tv show and studied!

Other exciting news= I got my stethoscope today! PINK. After tomorrow I can officially check a patients vital signs, blood pressure and heart rate yayyy

Birthday in 4 dayyyys :)


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